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Dandy Uses Technology to Provide Pet Wellness Supplements
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Dandy Uses Technology to Provide Pet Wellness Supplements
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Dandy Uses Technology to Provide Pet Wellness Supplements

Pampering Your Fur Friend With Custom Supplements Just Got Very Easy

People love their pets, and man’s best friend is one of the most popular companion animals in America. As a matter of fact, the market for pet supplies has never been bigger, with most of the rapid growth coming from a huge group of caring Millennials and members of Gen Z. Now, thanks to technology and Dandy, you can make sure your furbuddy gets the best personalized pet wellness supplements.

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According to the American Pet Products Association, Gen Z and Millennial men and women now represent nearly two-thirds of all pet owners in the United States. So, it’s no surprise that demand for a tech-friendly and convenient, customizable wellness plan for the family pooch is hitting a fever pitch.

A company called Dandy, with company founder Danielle Sobel, seems to be leading the charge. After noticing that her faithful furry friend, Zoe, was suffering allergies and muscle pain with no hope of traditional relief, Sobel took matters into her own hands. Years of extensive research (and work with Zoe, of course) spurred the Austin, Texas-based businesswoman to provide a smarter, easier option for other dog-lovers.

Now, your best friend on four legs can be pampered with a plethora of supplement options in the same way that a human can. While men and women chow down on apple cider vinegar gummies and multivitamins, Zeus and Snowball can have a personalized supplement plan delivered to their door as well, in hopes of improving their overall health.

The way it works is also pretty simple. Pet parents are asked to take a quick quiz, and the results are fine-tuned to create a specific mixture of supplements that would best suit the needs of the family dog. The pup's age, breed, previous medical issues, geographic location, and more are all analyzed by a specially crafted algorithm, with more than 32,000 possible supplement packs on the table. At a cost of just $40 per month for small-to-medium dogs (and only $50 for big brutes), taking better care of your animal ally doesn’t have to break the bank.

Veterinarians and other experts seem to think Dandy could be on the right path. “The largest gap in pet nutrition is between marketing and science. This leads to a common misconception that there is one perfect diet for all dogs,” said Dr. Tim Juilen, Chief Medical Officer of Paz Veterinary. “Finding the right nutritional fit for an individual dog often takes trial and error. Dandy uses feedback to make sure recommendations are correct and the right supplement has been picked.”

It's not all business, either. Sobel has partnered up with no-kill advocacy group American Pets Alive, seeking to protect dogs from being unnecessarily euthanized in animal shelters.

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“Rescuing dogs is something that’s really important to us,” Sobel said. “So one of our internal goals is to help re-home and save a million dogs throughout the life of Dandy.” 

Each Dandy subscriber will have the option to add $1 to their monthly plan, with proceeds going directly to American Pets Alive. Looks like it's not just about taking care of your own pet friend’s wellness, but also giving other dogs a sorely needed second chance.

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